Supervised Sailing

Supervised sailing is often held on the weekends. Hours are announced to the WYC Info mailing list and posted on the club calendar as they are scheduled. Generally, they are held on Saturdays and/or Sundays 12-5 pm.

During supervised hours you can: 
  • Begin learning how to sail even before your first lesson
  • Ask questions about the club while touring our boats
  • Keep practicing
  • Take a ratings test (written and on-the-water) if you already know how to sail
  • Get signed out on boats or in wind conditions for which you do not have the appropriate rating
  • Or just go sailing

Important Club Rules

  • Before sailing with guests, all Guests must sign the release on the back of the checkout sheet. You, as the member, are the "witness" and you sign the back also.
  • Every boat must have a lifejacket for every person aboard. Non-swimmers, and those under 18 yrs must be wearing the jacket
  • Dinghys may only be sailed during daylight hours
  • Members must know proper checkout and check-in procedures before going sailing
  • Members must know where and when you can sail with various ratings
  • Suspensions are rare, but not impossible. You can be suspended by a chief. Please follow the rules and have a respectful attitude toward other members.
  • The rescue motor boats may only be used by those with a Whaler rating, but they may be used by anyone in case of an emergency.
* No Supervised Sailing Hours during home Husky Football Games or on holidays.
** If weekends don't work for you, contact to make a separate appointment