Snooze & Cruise

Snooze and Cruise Map
What is Snooze & Cruise?

Snooze & Cruise is a quarterly weekend camping trip from UW to Blake Island, hosted by the 
Washington Yacht Club. All club members are welcome, with or without ratings, and may bring a guest.


March 17-18, 2018



$30 members
$35 guests (no more than 1 guest per member)
$20 children (12 & under)

(Price includes campsite, moorage and meals (Saturday dinner, Sunday breakfast, Sunday sack lunch.)


  • Departing
    8:00am - Meet at the Washington Activities Center (WAC) to load the boats
    9:00am - Leave the docks

  • Returning
    Return to the docks at around 6pm Sunday. This might vary greatly depending on the wind.


  • Mandatory Work Party
    • You must attend the Snooze & Cruise work party from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. the Thursday before the cruise.
    • Bring cash or check (no credit cards) to pay your fee. This is the only time & place we can accept payment. 
    • You will do some light pre-loading of the boats.
    • No work party, no payment, no cruise.

  • Responsibility on the island
    Each person attending will be assigned a food prep or clean up job to do while on the island or after returning to the WAC.

  • Pets
    No pets allowed unless you are sailing on your own boat.

What to Wear

  • Rain gear & dry change of clothes
  • Ski or cold weather gloves 
  • Sun glasses and hat
  • Never been sailing on a keelboat, and don't know what to wear? We recommend the "3 layer system." That means thermals under, fleece in the middle, and a rain jacket-rain pants outer layer. This works well in both wet and warmer conditions, because you can mix and match layers.
  • For spring and fall, make sure to bring extra warm clothes and bedding! It might be a cold sail and an even colder night. 

What to Bring

A minimum of stuff. (Space on the boats is tight.)

  • Food for the Saturday sail.  (Other meals provided.)
  • Water bottle
  • Mess kit: plate, bowl, cup, utensils, dish cloth, cloth napkin
  • Sleeping bag
  • Tent
  • Flashlight
  • Games or musical instruments (optional)
  • Anti-seasickness medication or wrist bands (if needed)

Additional Details

Snooze & Cruise (S&C) is the Washington Yacht Club's camping trip out in Puget Sound Blake Island, a marine state park located about 3 miles west of Alki Point. We reserve the group campsite for the event, which is a short walk up the hill from the marina and the Native American cultural center.

All participants are assigned to a chore on the island, be it assisting with meal prep, hauling bins around, or raccoon-proofing. A hearty Saturday dinner, a similarly hearty Sunday breakfast, and a Sunday sack lunch are included in the trip fees.  For dinner, you may select steak, salmon, or veggie burgers/dogs.


Many boats go on S&C, including most or all of the club keelboats. We will assign you and your guest to a keelboat, but you are welcome to request your favorite keelboat and/or specific club members that you would prefer to sail with.

Another option for members with a dinghy or catamaran skipper rating is sailing a dinghy to Blake Island. A keelboat will tow you through the Lake Washington Ship Canal and the locks, then release you to enjoy the sail out to the island. A Whaler with a designated Chief will accompany the dinghies as a rescue boat. Once you arrive at the island, just pull your dinghy up onto the beach. You must have a skipper rating to take a dinghy on Snooze & Cruise. Those without a skipper rating can request to crew on a dinghy.

If you want to sail a dinghy, make a note in your registration form and e-mail Boat requests are fulfilled on a first come, first served basis.