How Ratings Work

We rely on a "Ratings" system to ensure that our members are qualified to sail and not damage club equipment or themselves. A Rating involves a Practical (on-the-water) test and a Written test. When you take a lesson, you will test for a rating at the end of the lesson. Most lessons are for beginner sailors, so almost everyone gets at least a Novice rating. You do not need to take a lesson in order to receive a rating. 

Note: You do not need a rating to sail during Supervised Sailing Hours.  In fact, this is likely when you will receive your ratings.
Expiration: All Novice ratings, except Keelboat Novice, expire 6 months after you received the rating (check the back of your membership card). This is to encourage members to continue to advance in their ratings

Practical Test

An Instructor, Rating Examiner, or Chief tests you by watching you set up (rig) and sail a boat in a certain amount of wind.
  • To take the test, you can:
    • Sign up for a lesson and take the test with your Instructor
    • Make an appointment with a Ratings Examiner or Chief and come during Supervised Sailing Hours
    • Emailing the Ratings Examiner
Only Chiefs can administer Skipper Practical tests.
  Written Test

There's one test that covers all Novice & Intermediate ratings, and another that covers Skipper ratings. The written Test is based off the information in the Sailing Guide.
  • You can take the written tests:
    • During our Office Hours
    • During the Supervised Sailing Hours
    • With an Officer/Chief
    • With any Instructor

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