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Performance Sailing

Once you are proficient in Flying Juniors, we encourage you to start sailing our "performance" boats. These boats will take practice to learn, but they're also a lot fun. There aren't often classes for these boats. Instead, we encourage you to come to WorkParties, Meetings, and Supervised Sailing Hours to get to know experienced members in the club who can teach to set up and sail these. 

Intermediate Performance Fleet - Requires a Double Handed Rating to sail

Laser II - (Novice DH Rating)     470 - (Intermediate DH Rating)  
The laser 2 is a 14 foot boat designed for two. It is built to race and has more complicated rigging than the Flying Junior. We have one in our fleet.    470 dinghy

 A 470 is a 15 foot boat designed for two people. It is designed to go fast, and is a little more complicated to rig. We have one in our fleet.

Advanced Performance Fleet - Requires a Double Handed Rating to sail

505 - (Skipper DH Rating)        International 14 - (Skipper DH Rating)
A 16 foot boat designed for two people. Because of the different rigging, a "rigging" rating for this boat is required.    international 14
This boat is designed for racing, and is very difficult to sail. Because of the complicated rigging, a "rigging" rating for this boat is required. 

Catamaran Fleet

Catamarans are boats with two hulls and a trampoline in between. These boats move extremely quickly even in light air!

Hobie 16  Hobie SX18 Hobie 20   Hobie 21
The Hobie 16 is a 16 foot catamaran. This boat goes very fast, even in light wind!

Hobie's 18 foot catamaran

 hobie 20
 Hobie's 20 foot catamaran

 hobie 21
 Hobie's 21 foot catamaran