Club Officers and Committee Members

This is a list of the current Club Officers and Committee members.  Click on a members name to contact them

*We currently have a number of vacancies. Please email if you would like to volunteer!*

If you want to learn more about the positions, visit the How to Get Involved page.
If you are interested in applying for a vacant position, you can contact the Commodore or Program Director

 Co-Commodores Dylan Wesen
Peter Correa
 Vice Commodores Anna Kolinek
Isaiah Quinby
 Rear Commodore
Layla Airola

 Program Director Apoorva Patil
 Treasurer John Redlingshafer
 Quartermaster Ken Howe
 Snooze 'N' Cruise Chair [Vacant]
 Snooze 'N' Cruise Food Chair Joanne Ho
 Media Director Layla Airola
 Recruitment ChairJun Ochiai
 Social Chair Ivana Kolinek
 Webmaster [Vacant]
 ASUW Senate Rep [Vacant]
 Faculty Advisor John Pyles

Fleet Captains
 Head Fleet Captain Michael Stickels
 Bravo Fleet Captain [Vacant]
 Laser Fleet Captain Andreas Freund
 Double-Handed Fleet Captain Grant Shogren
 Performance Fleet Captain [Vacant]
 Keelboat Fleet Captain Tim Shannon
 Catamaran Fleet Captain Tom Nguyen
 Sailboard Fleet Captain Wm Salt Hale
 Daysailer Fleet Captain Cylas Belknap
 Whaler Fleet Captain Angie Cuadra-Palacios
 Sail Fleet CaptainBrendan Shannon

 Diversity Committee
 Ithaka Operations Committee
 Fleet Planning Committee
 75th Anniversary Committee