Club Officers and Committee Members

This is a list of the current Club Officers and Committee members.  Click on a members name to contact them

*We currently have a number of vacancies. Please email if you would like to volunteer!*

If you want to learn more about the positions, visit the How to Get Involved page.  
If you are interested in applying for a vacant position, you can contact the Commodore or Program Director

  Maximilian Chmielinski
William Salt Hale

  Vice Commodore   Tanner Graves
  Rear Commodore  
Lauren Strand

Standing Committees
  Program Director    Kristan Lund
  Purser    Jay Rutherford
  Quartermaster    Ken Howe
  Snooze'N'Cruise Chair    Tom Schaefer
  Snooze'N'Cruise Food Chair    Joanne Ho

Fleet Captains
  Head Fleet Captain    Ted Cohen
  Bravo Fleet Captain    Mike Stults
  Laser Fleet Captain    Andreas Freund
  Double-Handed Fleet Captain    Dave Schruth
  Performance Fleet Captain    [Vacant]
  Keelboat Fleet Captain    Andrew Gawronski
  Catamaran Fleet Captain    Michael Welty
  Sailboard Fleet Captain    Wm Salt Hale 
  Daysailer Fleet Captain    Cylas Belknap
  Whaler Fleet Captain    [Vacant]
  Sail Fleet Captain    [Vacant]

  Media Director   Allison Beller
  Publicity Chair  
Milo Martin
  Social Chair  
Brianne Hern

Maximilian Chmielinski
  ASUW Senate Rep   [Vacant]
  Faculty Advisor   Leo Morales
  Fleet Planning Committee   [Vacant]