Joining the Club

To Join

For Students: During the COVID19 shutdown, please fill out this student interest form if you are interested in joining the club when it is able to open up again.

For Non-Students: WYC Membership is always available to UW students. Unfortunately, there is a non-student wait-list, which you can join by filling out the waitlist survey (link). For more information, please contact the program director.

As a student organization, we cannot exceed a ratio of 2 students for every one non-student member. Most available non-student memberships go to graduating students who have taught lessons for at least two years as students.

Member Benefits

- Go sailing on your own or with friends during supervised sailing! 

- Sailing Lessons!

- Free dinghy, catamaran, and daysailer checkout!*

Social events!

Keelboat checkouts! (appropriate ratings required)

- Local Store Discounts!


   Initiation Fee  Quarterly Dues  Annual Dues  
 Student*  ---  $29  $85  
 Faculty/Staff*  $45  $80+$50 WAC Fee  $225+200 WAC Fee  
 Alumni*  $45  $80+$50 WAC Fee  $225+200 WAC Fee  

* WYC does not give refunds on membership fees and dues