Joining the Club

To Join

For Students, Staff, and Current Non-Student Members: We are currently operating at reduced capacity and are only accepting new sign-ups for student memberships at this time. Please fill out the Fall 2022 Membership Form if you are interested in joining the club or renewing your membership (students & staff). Note: we are currently re-using the Fall form for Winter membership (January 3rd to March 26th, 2023).

Membership at the IMA is required. Learn more about purchasing IMA membership at: Please contact the Program Director ( if you are not a UW employee or UW retiree, and you are looking for a student club member to sponsor you for a Plus One IMA membership.

Non-Students Interested in Joining the Club: Due to University restrictions, we are not currently able to accept new non-student member sign-ups except in cases where the individual is able to help provide volunteer sailing instruction for student members. We apologize for these policies outside of our control.

If you do wish to join our non-student wait list, you can fill out the non-student wait list survey, but we have no expected time frame for being able to move people off the wait list (link). For more information, please contact the Program Director.

As a student organization, we cannot exceed a ratio of two students for every one non-student member. Most available non-student memberships go to graduating students who have taught lessons for at least two years as students.

Member Benefits

- Go sailing on your own or with friends during supervised sailing

- Sailing Lessons

- Dinghy, catamaran, and daysailer checkout with no additional reservation fees

Social events

Keelboat checkouts (appropriate ratings required)

- Member discount at Fisheries Supply in Wallingford


   Initiation Fee  Quarterly Dues Annual Dues  
 Student  ---  $29 $85  
 Faculty/Staff/Alumni   $45  $80 $225  


* Membership at the IMA or full-time UW Seattle student status is required to participate in club activities. WYC does not give refunds on membership fees and dues.