How to Get Involved

We are a student run club here on campus, so all help is welcome. Even if you're brand new to our club we'd love your help.  All of our instructors, officers, and most committee members get free membership!

Instructors get a free membership the quarter that they are teaching. You only need an Intermediate rating to teach, and anyone can become an Assistant Instructors. Contact the vice commodore at:, to let them know you are interested.

Work Parties

Every week we have regular work parties to keep our fleets in good running order, eat some BBQ, and socialize. Even if you don't know anything about boat maintenance, we encourage all new members to come to work parties. You can learn how to do a lot, from simple sail repairs to extensive fiberglassing, and there's always something to do for all skill levels. 

Stay tuned to the wyc_info list (sign up on our Email Lists page) because each work party will be announced.

Club Meetings

Meetings are usually held every 2 weeks.  At the meeting we discuss where the club is going, you can propose changes, voice your opinion, and all student members can vote!

Chiefs & Officers

Chiefs are members who are knowledgeable sailors and are passionate about the club. Both students and Alumni are chiefs. They enforce club rules and hold authority in all matters regarding the safety of all club operations. 

We also have 3 main officers: 

  • Commodore (in charge of the club as a whole) 
  • Vice Commodore (in charge of teaching)
  • Rear Commodore (in charge of social events) 

We always welcome new students who are interested in becoming a chief or an officer. Check out the list of our current officers, chiefs, and how to contact them!

Committee Members

Don't want to be an officer but still want to help? As a student club, we rely completely on volunteers, but as a 'Thank-You', we give free memberships to position holders in our "Committees." If you're excited about teaching, boat maintenance, or helping out with the administrative side of our club (e.g. event planning, publicity, etc), look below for a description of positions.  Contact an officer, or just come to a meeting, if you are interested in a position.

Fleet Captains There are ten different fleet captains and a Head Fleet Captain. Each fleet captain coordinates the maintenance of their assigned boats type and all fleet captains report to the Head Fleet Captain. 

 Publicity Chair Advertises for the club. Past work includes designing posters, t-shirts, sweatshirts, TV ads, and media interviews.

 Program Director Oversees the day-to-day operations of the club. Items include processing memberships, taking meeting notes, handling some club purchases, and setting meeting agendas. This is a paid position.

 Social Committee Chair Organizes informal and formal club events. 

 SNC Chair Coordinates the Quarterly Snooze n' Cruise event.

 Quartermaster Identifies parts and raw materials needed to repair boats and coordinates acquisition of those components. 

 Purser Takes care of the Yacht Club's taxes and payroll. This is a paid position. 

 Media Curator Writes our newsletter and maintains the club's library and photos.

 Ratings Examiners Tasked with hosting Supervised Sailing Hours, teaching club lessons, and administering certification exams. 

 Webmaster Maintains the club website.

 Faculty Adviser Oversees the relationship between the University and the club.