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The club maintains several email lists to keep members informed. Read the purpose each of the mailing list serve and choose the one you are interested and signup. All the lists maintained are mailman list. 

WYC Info: Official Club Announcements

Official club announcements are posted on this list. This is the option for those who do not have time or desire to participate in the chatter on the wyc list.

Note: If you are on the or lists you do not need to subscribe to wyc_info, as these two lists automatically receive all messages posted to wyc_info. 

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WYC: General Chat List

This is our general chat list.  Discussion should be related to boats and sailing.  This is where impromptu sailing trips are planned, discussions about racing technique, what dry suit is the best for the $$ etc.

Note: This list also receives all email sent to

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KB: Keelboat Related Discussion 

This list is for the discussion of keelboat related topics, such as upcoming cruises, keelboat work parties, what new keelboat we should buy, who did not empty the portapottie, etc.


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WYC Exec: Business Discussion 
This is a list to discuss business issues the will be brought up at club business meetings, and provide an opportunity for members to toss ideas about policy and other dry topics around prior to going to a meeting for a vote. Club members who want to participate in the organization and future direction of the club can subscribe.

Note: Current WYC Club Members Only


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