Club Documents and Forms

Many forms, documents, and publications can be found here in the library in PDF format. To download Acrobat Reader free, visit the Adobe website.

By-laws amendments under consideration (a vote will be held at the next general meeting):

1) Commodore proposes a bylaws amendment to formalize the use of the the San Juan 30 keelboat Talaria III. This boat will have the same requirements as Nightshade.

    • Individual rig rating

    • Skipper-only

    • No Duck Dodge

    • Same rental cost as Nightshade.

2) Motion to amend bylaws to eliminate student initiation fees starting for Spring Quarter 2017.

Club Books

Daysailing Handbook

The old WYC instruction manual for dinghies.

Cruising Under Sail
WYC instruction manual for keelboats.

Instructor Handbook
WYC guide for new instructors .

Publicity Posters

Washington Yacht Club Poster

Poster you can print and put up around your building, office, etc. If you want to put up a lot, the club will be happy to print them up for you.

Legal Documents

WYC Constitution
Every non profit corporation has one

WYC By Laws
The nitty gritty rules of the club
NOTE: Library documents (by-laws) have not been updated to reflect new membership fees.

Club Electronic Forms

           This form is for the reimbursement of club-related purchases.