Club Documents and Forms

Electronic Forms

         Dinghy Checkout Form
           Use this digital checkout form to checkout a dinghy.

         A new member must complete this form prior to using any club resources.

         Guests must complete this form to participate in any WYC activities. Club members bringing out guests
           are responsible for ensuring that this gets completed. Guests must be 18 or older.

           This form is for the reimbursement of club-related purchases. 

         Damage Report Form
           If a boat becomes damaged during use, please report the damage here. 

Publicity Posters

        Club Advertising Folder
          A folder containing club advertising materials. 

Legal Documents

WYC Constitution
Every non profit corporation has one

WYC By-Laws
The nitty gritty rules of the club

WYC Policies
Some of the more practical information about the club.

Ithaka Policy Document
Policies governing the use of our flagship, Ithaka.

Club Books

Daysailing Handbook

The old WYC instruction manual for dinghies.

Cruising Under Sail
WYC instruction manual for keelboats.

Instructor Handbook
WYC guide for instructors.